Foster Care Resource and Information…

With the updates to the site wanted to share some resource information and links related to foster care.

In doing some investigation into Washington State and working with our state representatives, I learned that as at June 30, 2018:

Placement Type Unrelated Licensed Foster Parents Relatives Other Total
Number of Children Placed 4,258 4,247 808 9,313

Here is a link to the Office of the Family and Children’s Ombuds

Great Contacts from the State of Washington:

  • Holly Luna/ Program Manager / Foster Care Recruitment & Retention
    Department of Children, Youth and Families
    1115 Washington St., S.E. / PO Box 40983
    Olympia, WA  98504-5710
    [email protected] / 360-902-8035 / 360-791-1165
  • Michelle Caldier
    State Representative
    26th Legislative District
    (360) 786-7802
    [email protected]